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CET Solar Store

CET Solar Store
2 Fiske Ave.
Greenfield, MA  01330
-72.59 43.40

Greenfield Solar Store

Greenfield Solar Store
100 Mohawk Trail
Greenfield, MA  01301
-72.60 42.59

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Biodiesel in Greenfield MA provides vegetable oil or animal fat oriented diesel fuel which emits low carbon emissions and is technically known by the National Bio diesel Board as mono-alkyl ester. There are 4 types of Biodiesel mix which are rated by the amount of petrodiesel combination starting at 100% called B100, 20% called B20, 5% called B5 and 2% called B2.

Biodiesel originated in 1853 by Patrick Duffy who invented it numerous years before the diesel engine emerged. In 1893, Rudolf Diesel created a diesel engine which ran on just peanut oil. One benefit is that it has higher lubrication properties than today’s petrodiesel and also reduces overall wear on the fuel system as well as provides a higher combustion rate.

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